Meet Garrett

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, 2013, seven year old Garrett was playing in a soccer game, when a ball bumped the inside of his right palm causing him some obvious discomfort. He asked to sit out for awhile, but then went back in to play and never complained of any more pain. Although his wrist looked swollen, he was still using his dominant hand to eat with, write, brush teeth, etc. He attended school the following week and never complained once of having any more discomfort. The following Thursday, someone playfully grabbed his right arm and he started crying unconsolably. He was taken to Urgent Care and after an xray was done, his mother was told that they believed Garrett had a tumor.

After a couple of weeks of testing that included an MRI and biopsy, the pathology report came back and on June 5th, Garrett was officially diagnosed with high grade osteosarcoma in his right radius. He soon began 2 rounds of chemotherapy that took a little over 10 weeks to complete. At the end of August, he had limb salvage surgery where 7cm. of his radius were removed along with the tumor. Surgeons then took out the middle part of his left fibula in his leg and used that bone to graft into his radius. A lot of plates and screws were used to help stabilize the graft and fuse his wrist. While he only has limited motion in his wrist, he is grateful that doctors were able to save his arm.

Garrett has months of chemotherapy ahead of him as this is a very aggressive cancer. His family is grateful for your love and support and for the prayers that are offered for Garrett as he battles Osteosarcoma.

Special thanks to Rachel Koch for putting this wonderful video together.